One Global team with access to the world's most sophisticated financial services defined by the needs of individuals and families. We know that no two stories are the same, so we always make yours our very first step. We listen to learn about you. You won't be surprised to hear that we are one of the best capitalized financial institutions in the world. This enables us to help meet your borrowing needs and those of your businesses. 

We have been the trusted partner to the legal industry delivering financial strategies to lawyers, and their firms. And we are as international as you are. With a truly global network, we can help you navigate through the local regulations and complexities wherever your finances take you. That said, banking is just the start of our story.

Our private banking services provide direct access to the world's capital markets. We maintain an extremely high ratio of advisors to ensure your portfolio gets the dedicated attention it demands. Our advisors have no incentive to present any one particular solution. This allows us to analyze each and every aspect of your financial situation, and to provide unique insight to help craft a customized investment strategy. We invest heavily to generate original insights, giving us the expertise to best inform, educate and advise our clients.

Whether you're an individual investor, or work in a family office or professional firm, we have the knowledge to meet your financial needs. And we can help you safely navigate wealth legacy issues across borders for future generations.



Our Consultants continuosly provides expert interview services for mutual funds, hedge funds, PE/VC, global enterprices, consulting firms and high-net worth individuals. Including Phone Interbviews, Non-deal Road Show, Corporate Access. 




 Our Business Advisory team develops and offers tailored, innovative and comprehensive solutions for specific client business needs that may not require the expression of opinions based on professional standards.  



Our long experience and strong principles have stamped total discretion, integrity and care into our activities for both clients and candidates. Expertise and focus are critical, we thoroughly understand all the major industry sectors and have a record of making appointments which last and add value to our clients.




Our Consultants have built up extensive knowledge in various sectors and know their local markets inside out. Most importantly they are familiar with all the various large, mid-sized and small businesses in your area and will be able to find the right talent for your finance and office jobs, quickly and efficiently.




Our Research teams have a good coverage both geographically and in specific industry market knowledge. With a wide range of sector experience, We are able to provide the right research support to our consultants and clients no matter the requirement. 


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