Managing executive search assignments for our client's organization's chief executive or senior-level management positions is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Atkins Group, a leading premier provider of executive search services, offers exceptional expertise and insight. 

Our long experience and strong principles have stamped total discretion, integrity and care into our activities for both clients and candidates. Expertise and focus are critical, we thoroughly understand all the major industry sectors and have a record of making appointments which last and add value to our clients. Clients approach us when their organizations are undergoing rapid transformation which has made us especially aware of the sensitivity of such a time. We aim to guide our clients towards appointments that will provide confidence and lasting value. 

Atkins Group offers a genuinely collaborative approach to executive search that is based on a thorough understanding of the business challenges our clients face such as: strategic, financial and operational issues. Our detail oriented processes and comprehensive analyses help ensure that all angles are covered during your search assignments.

Process and Time-scale

Our in-house approach to research ensures the widest possible coverage across the target markets. We always employ fresh research (coupled with our knowledge of the market) to obtain a current and accurate profile of the required candidates; we work quickly and methodically to ensure that we comprehensively map the target market for you. Concurrently, we will obtain source comment on target institutions/organizations, teams and individuals from ex-managers, ex-peers and clients. The data is then filtered to a long list of individuals for whom we obtain background information and biographical detail to ensure a relevant fit to the required profile.

Throughout the search process we will provide weekly reports. A calibration meeting will also arranged to ensure the initial Long list is progressing in the right direction. Thereafter, we will have further calibrations where necessary as we develop the Long list and interview potential candidates. We operate a transparent search process and you will be kept fully informed of progress throughout, through formal weekly reports and "on demand" via e-mail and telephone. As a matter of course, we remain close to all the preferred candidates throughout the negotiation process until the successful candidate starts working.


Once our team have discussed with our clients at the Briefing meeting the nature of the reporting requirements, our search process will be backed up by: Status Reports which give our clients visibility and information on the progress of the search as a whole, this report will be distributed to our clients regularly to ensure a close communication and a monitoring of quality; Candidate Reports which cover detailed career history, along with our views of their strengths and weaknesses, for each shortlisted candidate who will be interviewed by our clients and Formal Reference Reports for final candidate/s.




Our Consultants have built up extensive knowledge in various sectors and know their local markets inside out. Most importantly they are familiar with all the various large, mid-sized and small businesses in your area and will be able to find the right talent for your finance and office jobs, quickly and efficiently.




Our Research teams have a good coverage both geographically and in specific industry market knowledge. With a wide range of sector experience, We are able to provide the right research support to our consultants and clients no matter the requirement. 



Our Consultants continuosly provides expert interview services for mutual funds, hedge funds, PE/VC, global enterprices, consulting firms and high-net worth individuals. Including Phone Interbviews, Non-deal Road Show, Corporate Access. 




 Our Business Advisory team develops and offers tailored, innovative and comprehensive solutions for specific client business needs that may not require the expression of opinions based on professional standards.  




Our Wealth Management services provide direct access to the world's capital markets. We maintain an extremely high ratio of advisors to ensure your portfolio gets the dedicated attention it demands. We invest heavily to generate original insights, giving us the expertise to best inform, educate and advise our clients.


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