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The global private equity sector is constantly facing new demands and evolving challenges. The fundraising environment is proving especially tough as some investors adopt a more cautious approach to the asset class as a result of decreased returns during the global financial crisis. Investors are now seeking improved returns for lower fees, and greater transparency. Although the post-crisis economic recovery has been slow in most developed markets, the private equity sector appears in a state of cautious optimism as banking markets continue to recover.


However, high prices for quality assets and a likely low-growth economic environment in the medium term in most developed markets will require General Partners to work harder and smarter to add value to their portfolios. This will require better operational understanding of targets pre-acquisition and likely more value enhancing intervention during ownership. Advisers will therefore need to have deep insight into the relevant business sectors and understand companies thoroughly from an operational and strategic perspective. In a challenging business climate, clarity is essential and we can provide it.

Our strength lies in our ability to draw on Atkins & Associates' rich resources. In recruiting your perfect candidate, we collaborate with colleagues in our offices around the world, with our financial executive recruiters, and with our job function specialists. This multi-faceted approach ensures that the quality of our work and our client service are outstanding. It is not surprising, therefore, that a high percentage of our engagements represent repeat business and long-term relationships with clients who have come to depend on us for the complete suite of talent management solutions.

Our unique one-firm approach, which facilitates collaboration across geographical practice boundaries, enables us to bring highly skilled and experienced teams to the table, with proven expertise tailored to meet the needs of clients and achieve credibility with candidates and opinion leaders around the world. By focusing on people and skills management in the context of a specific strategy, we help wealth management institutions to rethink their organizations and their winning value propositions.

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