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There can hardly be a more challenging business climate than the time we live in. The globalization trend of the 1990s and the beginning of the current century resulted in a global system of wealth creation in which production was strongly concentrated in Asia, whose citizens are keen savers. Production was targeted at export to the mature economies, which indulged in debt-driven consumption based on asset price appreciations. The system was stimulated to the limit, with apparent imbalances being obscured through monetary policy and financial engineering. The recent economic shocks to the financial markets have spilled over into the real economy, resulting in a global recession and slowing economic activity across the globe, to a degree never before experienced in post-war history. In these times good counsel and advice is in high demand from businesses as well as public institutions. Professional services firms provide advice and assistance to businesses and other organizations on management issues, such as strategic and organizational planning, restructuring and cost reduction, post-merger integration, financial auditing and tax advice.

Professional services is very much a people business, with the analysis and judgements offered by the consultants directly determining the quality of the service provided. The ability to make insightful decisions about talent in the professional services sector is an enduring source of competitive advantage, and also a management challenge. We concentrate on helping clients achieve this advantage through the identification, assessment and recruitment of talented professionals with exceptional potential and motivation for the sector.

We have worked with various professional service companies ranging from international strategic consulting firms and accounting companies to smaller boutique firms and sophisticated education providers. Through our experience we have found that within the professional services sector, successful recruitment hinges on assessing measurable competencies as well as judging the cultural fit between an individual and a consulting firm. Analytical skills, problem-solving and a certain intellectual tenacity are qualities often sought after by top consulting firms, but the personal “click” between a candidate and an organization is equally important for a successful recruitment.

We have extensive experience of working with professional services firms. Our ability to leverage our global Professional Services Practice, which includes consultants with primary expertise in consulting, enables us to assemble a global team that assures our clients the optimum solution.


Atkins & Associates is a quality-driven human capital consulting firm that is results-oriented, responsive and committed to exceeding client expectations. We provide a comprehensive range of services that are supported by our industrial expertise, insightful local market knowledge and exceptional methodology. We are a leading provider of senior-level executive search, market mapping and market entry services in each destination that we currently are operating in.


Our practices are at the heart of our approach to search. Atkins & Associates' professionals belong to industry and functional practices according to their experience and expertise. Through these practices we pool our sector and candidate knowledge and conduct focused research on talent and industry trends.

Our practices are global, enabling consultants to collaborate in best teams and across borders. Our practice teams combine their in-depth knowledge of candidates to bring clients the right specialized industry, functional and geographic insight to every search.

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